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About Expensive-gaming

Welcome to the Expensive. website!


Birth of Expensive.

xpensive. is a multigaming clan.
The clan has been founded on the second of April 2013. Since the establishment of E
xpensive., the clan has turned itself in 1 month into the most active clan on Call of Duty 1.5. Besides that the clan has grown from 5 members too 25 members in 1 month.

Since 04-06-2013 E
xpensive. started to manifest itself on Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4; Modern Warfare.

Why are we here?

Since Call of Duty 1.5 is getting less active since 2010, we hope by forming this clan, we can get the Call of Duty 1.5 Community a bit more active. We ofcourse see succesfull clans like EURO and Creat!ve who will be in some way our example for creating a new and big clan on a good fundation.

After being active for 2 months on Call of Duty 1.5, it became time to show our faces also on other games.

What is our fundation?

Besides a lot of loyal and active members, our fundation lays in the love for the game Call of Duty 1.5, Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4; Modern Warfare. The most members of E
xpensive. are playing for at least 4 years and they still like to play these games a lot.

What kind of a clan are we?

Because we are a multigaming clan, our identity changed a bit. We turned from a Call of Duty 1.5 rifle only clan into a multigaming clan with All Weapons.

We like to play scrims versus other clans, but we also like to play on our or on other Call of Duty public servers. As you can see on the rosters more then 50% of the members come from Holland, but, that does not mean we are a dutch clan. We like to stay in contact with people all over the world. So, you can call E
xpensive. an international clan.

How do you become a member?

If you play the following games: Call of Duty 1.5, Call of Duty 2 or Call of Duty 4; Modern Warfare, you can try to apply for our clan. If you stay active on the teamspeak, servers and site you will probably have a good chance to join. Ofcourse we prefer people who are 18+, but that does not mean when u are beneath that age, you won't got a chance to join. If you are interested, go to the forum and take a look at the topic: 'How to make an apply'. Then make ur own apply Smile



Call of Duty 1.5

Since April 2013, we have 4 servers:
xpensive. Public: /connect
xpensive. Warserver 1: /connect; password scrim
xpensive. Warserver 2: /connect; password scrim
xpensive. Warserver 3: /connect; password scrim

Call of Duty 2

Since June 2013, we have 1 server:
Expensive. Clanbase server: /connect