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de beastieboys

~ Apply Template ~

Dear applyer, u are now going to make an apply for Expensive. Notice that we only accept people who are mature, 18+, active, funny and skilled.

Please answer the following questions.

# What is/are your ingame name/names?
# What is your real name?
# How old are you?
# What is your xfire username?
# Do you have Teamspeak 3?
# Do you have a microphone?
# What country do you live in?
# What is your favourite weapon ?
# Which languages do you speak fluently?
# Have you ever hacked on our or other COD servers?(Be honest, we can and will find out!)
# What is your Punkbuster GUID? (type /pb_myguid in the console, we need the last 8 digits)
# How active will you be on our forum? (We expect you to read at least the important posts.)
# Are you able to donate for maintaining the servers and website?
# Why would you like to join the Expensive Clan?
# For how long are you playing cod4?
# What were the names of your ex clans?
# Do you accept the rules we made : Rules
# Can you tell us something more about yourself?

Thats all good luck!

As i don't like correct forum signature sizes this will do Tongue

Tuesday 01 Oct, 2013 @ 08:32PM