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As she was wearing blue (the colour we asked all romantic wedding dresses our wedding guests to wear), all her accessories were cream to match my dress Lizzie had a crocheted necklace with pearls in and pearl bracelets (one-off made in beadshop) and she also wore a cream pashmina.You can view more from Belle & Bunty on the Love My Dress Wedding Blog here.You can also buy from Luella's Boudoir.It was the perfect way to have something that sounds traditional and also a favourite 80s song!Wedding bands are so personal each set is different, but I am seeing the Brides to Be asking for more diamonds recently!per card and envelope (inclusive), which really is a truly excellent value for original bespoke designs.Classes are social experiences, in which customers enjoy a glass of wine and light supper or afternoon tea as they work.Emmy popped the head-band onto Cat who of course had to turn round for a peak in the mirror.I dropped the girls a quick note and received a swift reply back turns out they, that's Gemma and Philippa, already followed Love My Dress.We have an eclectic musical taste and whilst I am somewhat addicted to my iPhone, Phil has a bit of a love affair going on with iTunes!xxSince design wedding dress writing this piece in 2010, Emma Woodhouse has gone on to establish The Wedding Reporter, and has also written a series of posts under the title Notes on a Wedding for Love My Dress.

Love My Dress Wedding Blog Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Lily & Frank Looking for suppliers?My clients are people, who want to make a piece of art from their wedding shoot; my aim is to make their parents, friends and fmaily speachless while looking through the photobook and then cry something like "Oh my God!amp;quot;Some of Caroline Castigliano's original design sketches and lace samplesAll Photography on this page Copyright (c) 2010, Caroline Castigliano Looking for suppliers?Thank you so much Lisa for sharing your excitement and story with Love My Dress readers You look absolutely bloomin' fantastic!Lee Klabin creates the most stunning corsetry I have frankly ever seen.Apologies for a couple of quiet days, we're been writing up new posts and will be back to normal shortly.The birdcage veil harks back to the 1940's/1950's where the classic merry widow netting was attached to pillbox, hair discs and top hats.Most of my designs are made out of layers upon layers of lovely tulle, comfy cotton and love.

crossed with Zooey casual beach wedding dresses Deschanel, you are made to feel like a failure.Beautiful quality paper and card, elegant fonts and striking designs.We decided to go really traditional," he tells PEOPLE.All Imagery Copyright (c) 2010, Jane Taylor MillineryLeft: Vintage Feather Rose Band, Right: Straw Coctail Hat With Rose Looking for suppliers?I have visions of it sat on the corner of my desk, next to my battered little notebook (that goes with me everywhere) and vase of fresh spring flowers I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic like that.

Claire has come a long way from Kilburn, but tells me that all her hard work is repaid whenever she hears a misty eyed shopper, whilst reminiscing over one of her recycled fabrics, ‘My Nan used to have some curtains like that!amp;quot;All Imagery Copyright (c) 2010, Archibald Photography Looking for suppliers?So I hope this Sunday Serving warms you a littleBroken DollsMy dear friend Gary is such a talent, and I want to shout it from the rooftops!She feels bad for the other girls who are left without a dress.Also, we Did a lot of the organising/making ourselves, from invites and stationary to centrepieces And favours, which took a lot of the stress away as we weren't Worrying about relying on beach wedding dresses cheap other people to come though on the day.Most of the designers show everyday-wear made from eco friendly materials like hemp.They also served all the drinks making sure nobody was ever without.I also wanted a mix of lillies and thistles and the thin long grass for me and the bridesmaids and a long table centre piece for the ceremony table (transferred to the head table) and I wanted the thistle pomanders with the lilly and the ribbon coming out the top for my flowers girls, along with this we got lots of separate calla lillies and thistles to place on the tables and around about.It's a truly stunning collection of bridal wear, and most certainly one to look into, by any Bride to be who loves the elegant fashions of the past, and especially the exciting glamour and style of the 1920's.I've truly found my passion, and I love how it connects me to so many wonderfully creative people.As one might expect, the vocation comes with some confusion.The owner actually made me feel very comfortable, it was a very intimate experience it was exactly what I was looking for," said Andrea Russell.

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