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Team Update

Posted by Netherlands Reverse in Team Update on Monday 16 September @ 16:01

eXp Team Update (flavah's one)

~ Promotion ~

Yeah yeah, Junior already made a topic about it but we can officially congratulate NetherlandseXp Jubjub in becomming an Admin.

Good luck with this promotion, we are sure u can handle it!

~ Members ~

As you also already know PortugaleXp blZ passed his trial. We are glad to have you in tha house mate ;-)

~ Trials ~

BelgiumeXp Flavah becamea trial of Expensive. We think u deserved it cuz of ur activity, skills, personality and the things u already did for us according to the banners. Good luck mate!

~ Applicants ~

We'v got 3 new applicant:

Good luck guys and girl! Keep up the activity!

~ Kicked ~

Sadly there have been kicked 2 members of Expensive.

First of all: NetherlandsExcalibur. This guy was just too inactive without any good reasons. If ur back active u can re-apply mate ;-)

With 5 out of 5 votes from the Management he has been kicked.

The second has been kicked for more important reasons.
We are talking about NetherlandsAnarchy
This guy already had an official warning but did not managed to proof us he changed his behaviour. He has been kicked out of the clan due too the following reasons:
- Swearing with cancer multiple times
- Bad behaviour in scrims / a lot of global whining
- Bad behaviour towards EURO members
- Faking names of EURO members
- Faking names of the Expensive Management
- Laggbinding in scrims

With 5 out of 5 votes from the Management he has been kicked.

Kind regards,

The Management


Good luck for the new applicants.

We tried Anarchy but you didn't gave us any chance.

#1Monday 16 September @ 16:13 by Portugal Junior

Gratz Blaze and JubJub!

to bad for the other 2 guys, but i guess they kinda asked for it.

#2Monday 16 September @ 16:55 by Netherlands Jeroen

Thank you all for the shot, will do my best, and tbh i don't fell sad for Anarchy since apparently he was warned and told to change his behaviour, shame though he kept at it.

Thanks again ^^

#3Monday 16 September @ 17:16 by Portugal blZ


#4Monday 16 September @ 17:16 by Portugal blZ

Gratzz blZZ Laughing.

#5Monday 16 September @ 17:37 by Frisian Yeti

Truelly right, but in my opinion thinks are getting over reacted. but if this is ur final decision then nvm. i truelly wish u guys would note that the name faking was for trolling. never got a warning for that. and YES i sweared with cancer wich i really didnt want to do, my mother has had cancer to so. and i didnt swear with cancer after i got the official warning. and also the lagbinding is right. but if we play scrims against other clans in servers where strat time isnt off. and their whole team is lagbinding and refusing to put off strat time there isnt much choices left
if u guys might wanna change ur mind i gladly would rejoin. do with it what u want to

#6Monday 16 September @ 17:48 by Netherlands ANARCHY

wiekzR became official sexymascotte.

#7Monday 16 September @ 18:05 by Netherlands wiekzR

Anarchy, even if they do, not an excuse, i don't even have a Laggbind. just learn to play instead of using exploits and excusing with the fact others might be doing it aswell.

#8Monday 16 September @ 21:29 by Portugal blZ

Well too get a final reaction on ur points:

1. over-reacting?

We'v got a topic about u that started 3 weeks ago.

2. Name faking cuz its too troll?

Well appearently not everyone, specially EURO, did not like that kind of trolling. (Ofc if this was the only reason you wouldnt have been clankicked)

3. Swearing with cancer

We indeed dit not saw you swearing with cancer after the final warning, nevertheless did this not worked in ur benefit.

4. Laggbinding cuz others do too?

U are u and u are not the others. U are responsible for yourself. If others laggbind it isnt an excuse to laggbind urself

We won't change our mind mate. It is better for you to stay outside the clan ;-) Good luck in other clans and we might see you in wars ;-)

#9Monday 16 September @ 22:30 by Netherlands Reverse

Can i see the topic?

#10Tuesday 17 September @ 06:43 by Netherlands ANARCHY

No, not suitable for you as this was for management Wink

#11Tuesday 17 September @ 07:41 by Netherlands EURO4LAIF

thanks for the great time m8's .. just don't have time for serious gaming anymore, sorryy!
I hope i'll cya guys on cod 1 publics sometimes!!

greetz exca

#12Wednesday 18 September @ 17:16 by Netherlands Excalibur

Cya bb!

#13Wednesday 18 September @ 21:13 by Netherlands Reverse


#14Tuesday 01 September @ 14:14 by Netherlands username