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Team Update

Posted by Netherlands Reverse in Team Update on Monday 23 September @ 15:28

eXp Team Update (flavah's one)

~ Members ~

NetherlandseXp Flavah joined our family. Congratz mate, ur def good, funny and active enough to join Smile

Also our lovely born in belgium, dutchy BelgiumeXp Nikkwaus received membership. Congratz mate, we saw ur good will and there's no need to let u wait any longer ;-)

~ Trials ~

NetherlandseXp Darlene convinced the most members of the management for giving her a trial period! Congratz girl! Proof urself during ur trial period!

PortugaleXp Aramis also became a trial! Congratz mate! U behaved very good during the scrim and ur activity and skills are also good enough.

NetherlandseXp Fuunkd is the last one this day who became a trial. U don't got all the votes from the management for your trial period, so don't dissapoint us and proof us ur worthy enough for joining us!

~ Applicants ~

We'v got one new applicant:

Good luck mate, show us that ur mature enough!

We'v also deceided too decline the following applicants:
NetherlandsSnorro due to inactivity
IsraelViper due too:
1. Not listening to calls
2. Not calling where the oponont is when you dies or kills one
4. Not listening to captains orders (going his own way)
5. No progression in improving the things we told him (like listen to calls etc)

Kind regards,

The Management



#1Monday 23 September @ 15:32 by Netherlands username

congratz darlene!gl Smile
gl u too inter xD

#2Monday 23 September @ 15:36 by Italy Dragon.

good job ladies!

#3Monday 23 September @ 15:40 by Netherlands Jeroen


#4Monday 23 September @ 15:47 by Netherlands Jurg3n

congratz all Love
And Thanks ^^

#5Monday 23 September @ 15:59 by Netherlands Darlene



#6Monday 23 September @ 16:58 by Portugal Junior

Congratz all and gl during ur trial period trials!

#7Monday 23 September @ 17:40 by Netherlands Reverse

wow congrats!

#8Monday 23 September @ 18:00 by Netherlands inter

congratz Laughing

#9Monday 23 September @ 21:12 by Belgium nikkwaus

Congratz fattys! now all bowdown for me ^^

#10Monday 23 September @ 21:16 by Netherlands EURO4LAIF

Congratz Smile

#11Monday 23 September @ 22:01 by Netherlands Mono

Thx mates Wink now im going for President .. better watch out Reverse Laughing haha

#12Tuesday 24 September @ 16:41 by Belgium fLavahH


#13Tuesday 24 September @ 21:26 by Netherlands Jesse

thanks boys Wink

#14Wednesday 25 September @ 21:49 by Portugal aramis