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Call of Duty 4 squad now official!

Posted by Netherlands wiekzR in Clan News on Tuesday 01 October @ 20:53

Clan News (flavah's one)

Hello lovely people,

As you've propably already read in the news post summary eXpensive has re-launched the Call of Duty 4 Squad !

The Current Line-up:


ImageeXp wiekzR
ImageeXp Fr1nge

Fr1nge and me will be taking on the challenge of managing the revamped Call of Duty 4 squad, but bare with us, we're still setting some things up!


ImageeXp JubJub
ImageeXp Dooxx
ImageeXp fLavahH
ImageeXp Aramis

The Recruitement also has opened just now! feel free to apply here.
We already have someone eager to join, and the person is ImageGhost!
Good to see you applying here, We are still setting up some things so bare with us if your apply goes a little bit slow the first couple of days but we're getting there Wink

Well that was the news guys, Thanks for showing the trust in me and Fr1nge and we will try to make the best of it!

The eXpensive Call of Duty 4 Management.


congratz guysLaughing

#1Tuesday 01 October @ 21:02 by Netherlands Jesse

Good job!
Good luck guys!

#2Tuesday 01 October @ 21:07 by Netherlands Reverse

i leave , didnt know wiekzR was manager .. dafuq Laughing

#3Tuesday 01 October @ 21:17 by Belgium fLavahH

You are so funny benny :$

#4Tuesday 01 October @ 21:20 by Netherlands wiekzR

awesome !! lets pwn all these neeeewbs

#5Tuesday 01 October @ 21:37 by Netherlands fr1nge#

tempting to buy cod 4.......

#6Tuesday 01 October @ 21:51 by Netherlands EURO4LAIF

Nice one Smile
Dont play cod4 , so good luck to u guys.

#7Tuesday 01 October @ 21:59 by Netherlands Mono

buy it kenneth and thanks mono Laughing

#8Tuesday 01 October @ 22:02 by Netherlands wiekzR

How much is cod4? and its nice? Shocked

cause when cod1 gonna die, maybe i wanna play another cod? Tongue

#9Wednesday 02 October @ 10:40 by Netherlands Mono

Ehhm, 20euros and I think its nice the rounds go way faster, the game feels more realistic(still fake as fuck but /care :$), you can find scrims in seconds and it actually still has an competitive side.

#10Wednesday 02 October @ 10:43 by Netherlands wiekzR

And the maps, are they great? :$
I'm gonna think about it :$

#11Wednesday 02 October @ 10:47 by Netherlands Mono

there are like 6 maps or something, I like them Tongue

#12Wednesday 02 October @ 11:13 by Netherlands wiekzR

Is it all weapon, or also rifle only?

#13Wednesday 02 October @ 11:29 by Netherlands Mono

all weapons Tongue its modern warfare Laughing

#14Wednesday 02 October @ 11:55 by Netherlands wiekzR

Good luck guys!
I played this game in the past but Its not my game anymore.
So I won't sign up for this.

#15Thursday 03 October @ 08:26 by Frisian Yeti

Played this since it came out on the PS3, wallbanging the shit with my sniper.. think ill buy it tonight :$

#16Monday 07 October @ 10:07 by Netherlands EURO4LAIF

you aint gettin' no scope mister

#17Monday 07 October @ 13:56 by Netherlands wiekzR

Oh yes I will wiekzR ^^

#18Monday 07 October @ 18:42 by Netherlands EURO4LAIF