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Posted by Netherlands Malibuu in Clan News on Wednesday 26 February @ 20:57

CoD1 News

Good Evening

We're back again!
We're going to talk about these things:

- 9 months old!
- Hall of Fame
- Call of Duty 4
- Multigaming
- Rankings
- Donations
- English Language
- All about Scrims

~ I think these newsposts are to long lol. ~


Yihaa, we made it guys. Our clan reached the 9 months! Actually, we are 6 months and 1 day old, but since 1April isn't that nice to start a clan according to the jokes etctra we deceided to have our official birth date on the second of April. Well, first of all, we definitely couldn't make it without you guys!

We have seen a lot comming and going, but here a special thanks for the ones who have been in Expensive from the beginning on:

Really big thumbs for you guys!

~ Hall of Fame ~


Well, as I already told u guys we are now officialy 6 years old. At the moment Junior left us for giving it a try at EURO since we only talked dutch and there were not that many non-dutchies in the clan, I told him if he diddn't came back before we were 6 months old he would definitely get a place in the Hall of Fame. Well, thank God Junior is back Smile

Well, who deserves a place in the hall of fame?
First of all: NetherlandsSint aka SHTNB
I know u probably don't read this but still, great thanks for what you have done first as admin and then as manager. U were one of the most loyal and mature managers Expensive ever had! It's sad that you deceided to quit cod, but well ofc your real life should have the first place ;-)

Well, for now we keep it by Sint, since the other guys who have left us in the past diddn't did that good things for Expensive.

We are not sure what kind of Icon we are going to give the hall of famers, but you will read more about that under the subject 'Rankings'.

~ Call of Duty 4~

Well, all of you probably already saw the newspost from Jimmy about the Call of Duty 4 squad. And yes indeed, we are happy to announce that our Call of Duty 4 squad is alive again. NetherlandsWiekzr and NetherlandsFringe are leading the squad.
So good luck guys!

~ Multigaming ~

Since 3 years or maybe even longer then 3 years people are saying that Call of Duty 1 is going to die. Well, since there are still clans like EURO, Creat!ve and Expensive I doubt that. What will happen is that the Call of Duty 1 community will be less and less active the upcomming months or maybe years. Therefor it is smart too have a really good look to other games from now on.

Call of Duty Ghost

In november this year, Call of Duty Ghost is having his debut. Since a know some of you are going to play this, I really want to know who exactly. Therefor there will be a new topic on the Multigaming section where you simply can say if you are going to play that game yes or no.

Mount and Blade


Some of you guys may know the game, some of you don't. Well, I can say its a beautiful game and on Mount and Blade with Fire and Sword there is also an option to play as clan versus clan. Therefor if I got some time I will catch up with my german friends and have a look if they are interested to join us and spread our name on that game too. I thought the Fire and Sword vesion only costed 10 EURO, so it isn't that expensive to try it out. Also for this game there will be a topic opened where you can tell us if you are going to give it a try.

League of Legends


Well I am personaly no fan of this game and I also doubt it that it is possible too play as multigaming. The only way how we could play this as a squad is when there are only 6 guys who want too play this together under the taggs of expensive. And afterwards, there should be simply posted results like: Win or Lost. But again, I don't think its a smart idea since its not that much about clans and winnings etctra.


Well if you simply think u also have a nice game on which we simply can play as a clan versus other clans, just make a new topic about it.

~ Ranking ~

As I already told u there is something with the rankings. Well it's on 1 hand very simple to explain but it's difficult to practice.

Since we are going multigaming there are also new managers for those games. But, they aint in the same ranking as the current cod1 managers but they also need the manager thing. Therefor we are going to search a new way too give it a nice look on the roster.

The idea is simple:
Overarching Management of the whole Clan
Managers of the different squads
Admins of the different squads

There is an option we are going too use the army method and icons, but well, as I already said. We don't know yet ;-)

~ Roll Call 01-10-2013 ~


Yesterday the Roll Call ended. Sadly not every active member gave a shout. The ones who diddn't will have a personal chat with someone of the management in the upcomming days.

~ Donations ~


No, don't skip this subject! Yes, we need you!
I aint going to talk a lot about this. It's very simple.
We are going to manifest Expensive on more games and the site only got 1 month left. So simply, give us 5, 10, 15, 20 or another sum you want too give us. Without your support, Expensive can not continue.

~ English Language ~

Well, I am not going to give a big talk about this again. Think I'v made 2 newsposts about it.
Will simply state the facts:
- Every other forumpost which is not in English will simply be deleted
- Talk english during scrims if ur not all from the same country
- Respect each other and notice the formula: Give and Receive

Here more stuff I said about the English Language in the past:
Newspost 23 August

And no, I am not lazy, I am just dissapointed that some guys still don't learn it.

~ All about Scrims ~

Well well.
I think we also talked a lot about this, but since I am not again going to give you a link to another talk I already had about this subject I will simply have a new talk about this Smile


Let it be clear that we do not tolerate any form of glitching, including laggbinding, fastshooting, fast reloading and more kind of glitches

If we see someone glitching he will get a warning and will be posted in the socalled 'Black List'. If we get more complains the next step will be a 48hours ban from the Teamspeak Server.
If he or she still diddn't learn to obbey to the rules he or she will get a 1 week ban from the Teamspeak Server. And well, I hope really none of you guys are going that far, but if it happens again the last step will simply be a clankick. There will be no exceptions.



Let it be clear that we do not tolerate any form of swearing with diseases, in particulary cancer.

If we see or hear someone swearing with diseases he or she will get a warning, will be posted on the socalled 'Black list' and will get a 24hours ban from the Teamspeak Server. If it happens again he or she will get a 1 week ban from the Teamspeak Server. And well, if he or she still diddn't learn to speak proper, he or she will be kicked out of the clan. There will be no exceptions.



When we are playing a scrim versus another clan and someone from our side is whining in global chat about the enemy he or she will get a warning and will be posted on the socalled 'Black List'. If he or she still diddn't learn to shut his mouth he or she will get a 24hours ban from the Teamspeak Server. If he or she again doesn't obbey to the rules he or she will get a 1 week ban from the Teamspeak Server. When he or she still did not learned from the punishments already given to him or her, he or she will simply be kicked out of the clan. There will be no exceptions.


I already hear some of you thinking, why making such a big deal of everything. Well simply because some of us still don't learn how to behave on a mature way. Whining, glitching and swearing are just not fun. Actually, they are horrible and shows a lack of maturity. So, be smart, and make sure we do not have to put ur name on the socalled 'Black List'. Also don't see this as a threath since there is no need for. Just see this as a reminder to get a selfreflection on ur own behaviour.

Captain of the Clan

If you have posted a scim or have watched a scrimresult you probably saw the rank: Caller/Captain. Well, we deceided to give this strange rank a destiny.

We deceided the following:
- The Captain will always be the one with the highest ranking in the hierarchy of the clan*
- The Captain is the only person who is allowed to ask the opponent for their records, xfire or teamview.
- The Captain will always be the one who needs to post the scrim result.**
- The Captain is responsibile according to who is playing in the scrim, how Expensive is behaving versus the opponent and who get's banned or kicked for some reaons.
- Everyone have to listen to the Captain. When the Captain is telling u to cover some positions, u just do what ur asked to do, unless u think someone else is more valuable on ur position and the other guy u suggest agrees with a positionswitch.

* When a war is played without any admins or managers, the participants have too choose someone from their line-up.

** Only when someone else suggests too post the scrim or when the Captain really doesnt got time, he is allowed to let someone else doing it. But the Captain needs to check the scrimresults at the end of a day too check if everything is posted right.


Yeah again, why is this so official?
Simply because managers and admins don't got their ranking for nothing. They got their ranking because we think they are one of the most mature persons in our clan. Also since not every scrim we played has been posted, we want a change in this to get a fair win/lose balance.
Also the fact that only the Captain can asks for demo's etctra makes sure there will be less and less whining from our side.

Well, since I can not imagine something else that is important I will soon stop writing Smile

I hope this news article made some things a bit more clear and I all wish u a nice day Smile

Kind regards,

The Management




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